Family Engagement

Families are vital in shaping each child’s educational journey and their involvement greatly impacts each student’s success. For family members interested in volunteering or participating in school organizations, please reach out to our main office. For additional information on the ways to get involved, please visit the district Family Engagement page.

School Site Council

The School Site Council has the responsibility of developing the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) to ensure that all of the resources available to the school, the base program and the supplemental resources, are coordinated and focused on providing a high-quality educational program in which students of all ranges of ability and background can succeed at learning. If you are interested in the election process and becoming a part of this committee, please contact the main office.

English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC)

English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) is a school-based committee whose role is to advise the principal and the School Site Council (SSC) on programs and services for Multilingual English Learner students, including the following:

  • Identification and Assessment
  • Language Support and Monitoring
  • Reclassification

This is an opportunity for families to learn about the program’s legal requirements, review overall Multilingual English Learner students’ progress, and discuss interventions/supports needed for student success and achievement.

Elected officers of the ELAC include:

  • Chair – to facilitate the meeting.
  • Vice-Chair – to facilitate in the absence of the chair.
  • Secretary – to document actions and discussions and to ensure that agendas and minutes are shared with the public.
  • DELAC Representative and DELAC Alternate Representative – to attend monthly meetings at the district and share information with the SSC and ELAC.
  • ELAC members and officers serve one-year terms.

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