h3>Dual Language Immersion Program

The Dual Language Immersion Program integrates native Spanish-speaking students and native English-speaking students, and academic instruction is provided in both Spanish and English.

The overarching goals of our Dual Language Immersion Program follow the three pillars of Dual Language Education:

  1. Bilingualism and biliteracy.
  2. High academic achievement.
  3. Socio-cultural competency.

Program Model at Valle Lindo

Our program offers a 90/10 Dual Language Immersion Program model. In the 90/10 model, the target language (Spanish) is used for 90% of the instructional time and English is used for 10%, in TK, Kindergarten, and 1st grade. Each year the amount of English is increased by 10% until the instructional day becomes 50% English and 50% Spanish.

For more information regarding this program, please visit the district Dual Language Immersion Program page.

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